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Pokémon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver
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Pokémon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver are ROM hacks for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. They are the fourth set of hacks/edits by Drayano, similar to the other hacks, all 493 Pokémon are available to catch in-game. It also introduces a greater difficulty curve and (optional) changes to Pokémon to make some of them better.

Among other things, Sacred Gold and Storm Silver are full of new scripted events and other aesthetic changes to make it both full of content and a pleasure to look at.


Included are two versions of Sacred Gold & Storm Silver:

  • v1.05 - Original SGSS by Dray, comes with Speed Up Patch.
  • v1.1 - Unofficial mod with Fairy-type added by mikelan98 (aka MeroMero). This affects any moves that were changed to Fairy-type in Gen 6 and grants the Fairy typing to relevant Pokémon (e.g. Wigglytuff, Clefable, Gardevoir).

There are two options available for the original SGSS (Fairy type mod is only present in the Complete Version):

  • Complete Version - Includes all the changes to the game.
  • Classic Version - Includes most changes but excludes any changes made directly to Pokémon (stats, types, TM compatibility, level up move changes etc).

To apply the patch:

  • The patch includes the anti piracy patch already, so you will need to use a clean Heart Gold or Soul Silver ROM to get these to work. The HG/SS rom should be American.
  • Use the xDelta GUI to choose the patch you wish, choose your ROM and a patched version will be generated - this will be Sacred Gold or Storm Silver.
  • In the event of an update, you must apply the patch to the clean rom, not the already patched rom.

User guide

While the base of the game is the same (e.g. the maps, the storyline, the general order of main events) the two hacks still manage to bring a new series of features to the table to spice up the gameplay experience.

(Video) I Played Pokemon Storm silver For 100 Hours... Here's What Happened! (Rom hack)

Below are some of the changes highlighted by the author, you can find the full list of changes and Action Replay Codes in the Documents folder (online version).

Pokémon changes

493 Pokémon (i.e. all Pokémon available in the fourth generation) can be obtained somehow within the game, though Legendaries are somewhat restricted. Almost all Pokémon are available prior to the first round of the Elite Four.

In addition, you also receive the National Dex the moment you get the Pokédex, making it easier to track what you have and haven't caught. There are some minor changes in Wild encounters between Sacred Gold and Storm Silver, but all 493 are available in both.

Pokémon changes (optional)

The data of a lot of Pokémon has been changed; this can mean just extra level-up moves, but features such as abilities, experience rates, TM compatibility and even types might be changed. Most of these are carried over from Blaze Black & Volt White, but the hack has brought some new ideas to the table. For those of you who prefer a purer Pokémon experience, the Classic version offered has these Pokémon edits removed.

A small amount of attack moves have also been edited. All moves that were given some sort of change in Black & White have had the same change applied to them in Sacred Gold & Storm Silver where possible, as well as some additional edits to make Cut, Strength and Rock Smash more useful than their previous counterparts. A large amount of Pokémon have been given extra level-up moves in some form to make them easier to raise.

Edits to evolutions mean Sacred Gold and Storm Silver are self-contained (i.e. you do not need to trade to obtain all the Pokémon). In most cases, this simply turns the item needed for evolution by trade into a usable item much like an evolution stone, though for some cases where evolution is either awkward or impossible in HG/SS (e.g. Leafeon, Glaceon, Magneton, Nosepass) some new items have been added; this keeps consistency with previous items.

(Video) I try to beat Pokémon SACRED GOLD in a Single Attempt!

Trainers changes

Trainers have received new rosters to tie in with the greater variety of Pokémon available (explained by a migration wave to the regions). This means you'll be battling a much larger variety of Pokémon than you'll see previously. ​Gym Leaders and other important trainers in particular have received a large boost to their difficulty, so get ready to take on some hard fights.

As with other hacks by the author, Gym Leaders, Elite Four members etcetera all use six Pokémon in each fight. New Trainer battles have also been added where appropriate; examples include the option to battle Ethan/Lyra, Cynthia and Steven.

Items changes

The availability of items has been changed quite wildly in general; all evolution items and TMs are now available at least once prior to the first round of the Elite Four, meaning you can shape your team up quite well for what's not even the final challenge in the game.

On that note, some things have been changed just to make things in the game a lot more convenient. Examples include:

  • An EXP Share available in Violet City.
  • The removal of most unnecessary Cut trees and other HM moments.
  • The addition of buyable evolution stones to some of the shops around the regions.

The numbers of Gym Leaders are also now much easier to obtain - they're given to you directly after the battle. Coins can also now be purchased from the Goldenrod Game Corner.

New scripted events

A wide variety of scripted events have been both added and edited. The levels of most event Pokémon that already existed are now raised, but there are lots of new events for the purpose of giving you new Pokémon, items or TMs.

(Video) Storm SIlver Hardcore Nuzlocke - Full Final Attempt- Part 1

Notables include an Eevee given to you by Cynthia extremely early in the game, the addition of a Teleport system in the Elite Four to let you challenge them in any order á la Black & White, a Team Rocket takeover of Route 47 and the Safari Zone and a Shellder and Cloyster siege in Fuchsia City.

Yes, you read that right. Every newly added legendary has also had some sort of script concocted for it, so you won't be just finding them in the wild as you did with Blaze Black and Volt White. The Game Corner's prizes have also been edited; you can get a Porygon in Goldenrod City, if you so choose.

Aesthetical changes

Some small aesthetical edits have been made, e.g. Karen has a new background for her battle and Lance now uses Cynthia's background from DPPt instead of his own. Some attempt has also been made at engaging the world more in its inter-regional Pokémon change by having Hoenn and Sinnoh overworld sprites appear in various places.

Some DP trainers also make an appearance, though this was a late feature and has yet to be fully fleshed out due to time constraints. There's also a fairly hefty addition of Black & White sprites to the table, particularly for Hoenn Pokémon. The main Pokémon also now have seals attached to give them a more personalised appearance.

Finally, text has been edited such that all Pokémon names are decapitalised (so Pidgeotto rather than PIDGEOTTO, for instance). There's also been one or two bits of dialogue that have been changed back to their GSC version.

Other changes

Though it's admittedly very little, some extra bits of story have been added. It focuses on the idea of a Legendary Trainer who can meet the creator and the hunting down of the Plate items.

(Video) How to Patch Pokemon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver

The game has had a variety of blockades added to it to increase the linearity of the story. It serves as a way to increase the level curve of Johto, of which the orignal game lacked. You will be forced to go to Cianwood first instead of Mahogany, and the Kanto region also requires you to take a certain route to give it more of an objective.

Trades within the game have also been both edited and shifted around to make getting some hard-to-place Pokémon a bit more convenient. Examples include the ability to trade for Pokémon such as Gligar, Skarmory, Beldum and Smoochum. They even have a move ordinarily learned by TM, or not at all.


Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (2)Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (3)

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (4)Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (5)

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (6)Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (7)

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (8)Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (9)

(Video) Can I Beat A Pokemon Storm Silver Hardcore Nuzlocke With Only STEEL Types?! (Rom Hack)


Works for no$gba 2.6a (preferably with no$zoomer), DeSmuME and DS flashcard.

Known issues

May contain spoilers.
Possible black screen and/or white screens from various events around the Safari Zone area. Save often just in case.
One of the battles on Route 47 can be activated from a weird position.
The MooMoo Milk dialogue is messed up.
Some events such as the Icicle Plate and Steven in Vermilion don't seem to work on R4?
The Mew event freezes on some flash cards.
Garchomp are missing their Rough Skin ability.
Claydol doesn't actually learn Fly.
There will be Lyra/Ethan overworld doubles if you lose against her/him in Goldenrod.
One particular item ball causes you to gain ~450 Full Heals.
There is a typo with the Odd Keystone's description.
Most 30% encounters with the Super Rod for some reason produce a Missingno, as opposed to what Pokémon should be available. This occurs due to missing encounters for the 30% slot at Night.
The important item document says Silver Wind is in Route 39; it's actually Route 38.
The names for the Gentleman/Socialite on Route 34 haven't stuck.
Double trainer battle in Route 13 has a messed up name.
Steven will not acknowledge the Lati event after capturing Regigigas regardless of the Lati event's progress.
The Celebi event involving your rival/Giovanni etc will result in a freeze when it reaches Tohjo Falls.
Cynthia may refuse to give you the Sinnoh starter if you talk to her after getting the Earth Badge.
Scizor learns Night Shade instead of Night Slash.
Flags have a tendency to reset for some unknown reason. Unknown why it occurs and doesn't always trigger.
Ledyba's Attack and Special Attack haven't been swapped as the document says.


Tool used:

  • The main tool used in order to produce this hack was PPRE, with its Pokémon editing, script editing, overworld editing and Trainer editing features.
  • Other tools included the ever trusty crystaltile2, some moments from Cygnus Hex Editor, and the use of programs such as Tile Molester for the one bit of sprite work did previously.

Thanks to:

  • afcmark15, bossdresser, Joodicator and other friends - For contributing ideas to the hack, as well as in some cases helping to playtest the thing.
  • Project Pokémon Forums - Again for any help they gave in relation to HG/SS problems.
  • Alpha and SCV - Though it hasn't been updated in a while, PPRE is the single most important thing needed to create this hack.
  • KazoWAR - His tutorial on inserting sprites in HG/SS was important in order to get that Steven sprite in.
  • Dewgong/Frostbite - For the Steven trainer sprite added to the game.
  • Various GBAtemp/YouTube Members - For your continued support and ideas during the production of SG/SS.
  • Jhon 591 of Romulation - For his significantly improved HG/SS anti piracy patch which means you guys can play this game on no$gba without it crashing every five seconds.
  • Jensei - For speeding quite fast through the game and reporting bugs on the initial releases.
  • Early Players - For helping out with all the bugs.

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What is the difference between sacred gold and storm silver? ›

Is there any difference between Pokémon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver? There is one small difference in both games and that is the wild Pokémon but you can get all 493 Pokémon.

Is sacred gold complete? ›

SACRED GOLD is the complete SACRED collection in one box, containing the full version of SACRED, winner of the 'Best Roleplaying Game 2004' award from PC GAMER, Sacred Plus and Sacred Underworld. SACRED - The new name in Action-RPGs.

What starters can you get in storm silver? ›

Silver, you can receive one of the three starter Pokemon from both Kanto and Hoenn.
Kanto Starters
  • Bulbasaur.
  • Charmander.
  • Squirtle.

Can you get hidden abilities in storm silver? ›

Some pokemon can have their hidden ability such as technician breloom ! Starters are easy to get : just answer a quizz in pokemon centers ;). You just get one from the 3 of the same region though but they are easy-to-get powerful pokemon ;).

Does Storm silver have increased shiny rate? ›

Yes, it's shiny! Since they increased the shiny odds for this game, I decided to try my hands at a good ol' shiny hunt. The first thing I wanted to do, though, was find myself a Pokemon that had Synchronize with the Nature I wanted Tohru to be.

What is the best starter in Pokemon Silver? ›

Totodile is probably the best choices to start with in Pokemon HG/SS. Totodile's best stats are attack and defense, followed by average HP and special defense. Because it's a water type it has less weaknesses.

How do you farm hidden abilities? ›

You can get Hidden Abilities in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet using the “Ability Patch.” Get the Ability Patch as a reward when you Participate in Tera Raid Battles. You need to participate in these Raid Battles with at least a 6-star level. Then you will get a chance to get the Ability Patch.

How do you unlock a hidden ability? ›

You cannot get Pokémon with Hidden Abilities in the wild, regardless of how lucky you are. You can only get them through the following methods: Using Ability Patch. Finishing Tera Raids.

How long to beat sacred gold? ›

Main Story1115h 36m
Main + Extras2639h
All PlayStyles3836h 21m

Will there be another Pokémon Gold Silver remake? ›

'Pokémon Gold & Silver' Remakes Coming Alongside 'Diamond & Pearl' Announcement, Says Insider. 2021 is shaping up to be a year Pokémon fans will remember for a long time.

Will gold and silver be the last Pokémon game? ›

Did you know that Silver and Gold were intended to be the last in the series, too? “I worked with the assumption that after we put out Gold and Silver, my work as far as Pokémon was concerned would be done,” explains Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara. “I didn't intend to make any more Pokémon titles.

What is the hardest shiny Pokemon to get? ›

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Hardest Pokemon To Shiny Hunt
  • 8 Wattrel. ...
  • 7 Varoom. ...
  • 6 Mimikyu. ...
  • 5 Ditto, Zorua, And Zoroark. ...
  • 4 Dusk Form Lycanroc. ...
  • 3 Tynamo. ...
  • 2 Family Of Three Maushold And Three-Segment Dudunsparce. ...
  • 1 Authentic Sinistea. This one Pokemon has plagued the shiny hunting community for years.
Jan 8, 2023

What is the highest shiny rate? ›

The following lists the various Shiny rate estimates that have been observed.
  • The standard base Shiny rate is 0.2% (1 in 500). ...
  • Some species have a permanently boosted Shiny rate of 1.6% (1 in 62.5; ×8). ...
  • Some species have a permanently less-boosted Shiny rate of 0.8% (1 in 125; ×4).

What are the 2 strongest Pokémon? ›

Together with Rayquaza, Mewtwo is considered to be the most powerful Pokemon obtainable in the series, at least when it comes to Mega Evolutions, anyway. By default, they each have base stat totals of 680, but in their powered-up forms, this rises to an impressive 780.

Who is Silver's father Pokémon? ›

After the battle, Sird revealed that Giovanni is, in fact, the father of Silver. After hearing this, Silver fainted and was taken by Sird to the Team Rocket airship in order to reunite the boy with his father. When he awakes, Silver refuses to accept that Giovanni is his father and that he is the heir of Team Rocket.

Is Silver stronger than golf? ›

White gold is stronger and more durable than silver. The combination of metals give white gold its color and durability. Without it, pure gold is just as soft as pure silver.

Which starter does ash choose? ›

As he rushes down to Professor Oak's lab, he considers the three options available to him: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Although all three Pokémon have merit, Ash eventually decides to choose Squirtle.

What is the hardest Pokémon to catch in Violet? ›

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: 7 Hardest Pokemon To Find
  • 7 Charcadet.
  • 6 Gholdengo.
  • 5 Palafin.
  • 4 Tauros' Blaze & Aqua Breeds.
  • 3 The Treasures Of Ruin.
  • 2 Paradox Forms.
  • 1 Ditto/Zorua.
Jan 31, 2023

Which legendary is better Scarlet or Violet? ›

As a result, we've got to say that the Pokémon Violet box legendary is the better of the two, which adds a lot to our decision to favour it over Pokémon Scarlet.

What Rod catches Dratini? ›

Obtain a Super Rod.

You will need the best rod in the game in order to catch Dratini. You can get the Super Rod on Route 12 in the house with a Fisherman inside. Talk to him and you will receive the Super Rod.

Is Dratini a rare spawn? ›

As a Dragon-type Pokémon, Dratini can be found (very rarely) anywhere in the wild. However, its spawn rate will be higher around famous monuments or golf courses.

How rare is Dratini? ›

Considering Dratini only has a 4% spawn rate, players will need to be prepared for a grind. It is possible to increase the chances by using one of the lures or getting a large Catch Combo on the number of Magikarp in the area.

What is the most loved Pokémon starter? ›

Charmander has been around for over two decades, and it still holds the spot as the most popular and beloved Fire-type starter in Pokémon's history. Charmander received a lot of attention in the classic Pokémon anime, and its recent additions to titles like Sword & Shield have only boosted its popularity further.

What is the coolest Starter Pokémon? ›

The ten best starter Pokemon of all time
  1. Bulbasaur. You never forget your first, and Bulbasaur was mine.
  2. Charmander. Probably the most popular starter Pokemon of all time, with good reason. ...
  3. Chikorita. ...
  4. Torchic. ...
  5. Turtwig. ...
  6. Mudkip. ...
  7. Cyndaquil. ...
  8. Totodile. ...
Jan 12, 2022

Is Totodile or cyndaquil better? ›

Cyndaquil is weak against Ground, Rock, and Water attacks. Tototdile is weak against Electric and Grass attacks. In terms of weaknesses, Totodile is your best bet.

Can you breed for hidden abilities? ›

Once you've caught a Pokémon with a Hidden Ability, you can take it to the Pokémon Nursery and breed it. There's a 50% chance of passing on a Pokémon's Hidden Ability to its offspring. However, if you breed a Pokémon that has a Hidden Ability with a Ditto, you'll always pass the Hidden Ability down.

How rare is a hidden ability? ›

What are the chances of finding hidden ability? Standard wild encounters have a 1/250 chance of having their Hidden Ability, if their species has one. This chance increases with each new badge the player collects. Pokémon can have their ability changed to their Hidden Ability though the Ability Changer in the postgame.

How rare is a secret ability? ›

Secret Abilities are rare abilities that replace the regular abilities of Loomians. The Ability Charm is required to have a chance at acquiring Loomians with these abilities in the wild, allowing a 1/256 chance of encountering a wild Loomian with a Secret Ability.

How do you check if a Pokemon has a hidden ability? ›

You can check a Pokemon's ability by hovering it in the menu and selecting Check Summary > Moves and Stats. What is this? You can also get them through breeding. As with other generations, the offspring of any Pokemon that has its Hidden Ability unlocked has a chance of having it itself.

Can you get hidden abilities from SOS? ›

Hidden Abilities are a thing that have existed since Pokémon Black and White, and offer a unique new ability for a Pokémon that's hard to get. To get them in Sun & Moon, you have to go through SOS Battles. When you have defeated 10 Pokémon, there's a 5% chance of the Pokémon having its Hidden Ability.

Do Pokemon with hidden abilities have 2 abilities? ›

The most Abilities any species or form has is three: two normal Abilities and one Hidden Ability. In most wild Pokémon encounters, the Pokémon's Ability will be one of its non-Hidden Abilities (each having an even chance of appearing if the species has two).

Do all Pokemon have hidden abilities? ›

In the game, Pokémon in Max Raid Battles can have a chance of having their Hidden Ability, but not all of them have that capability. Other Pokémon will get their Hidden Ability either by breeding transferred Pokémon from Pokémon HOME or through distributions and events at a later date.

Can you change a Pokemon's ability to a hidden ability? ›

Simply give your Pokemon a Capsule or Patch to switch your Pokemon's Ability. When you give a Pokemon a Capsule or Patch, the original Ability of that Pokemon will be completely replaced by the new or hidden Ability. Pokemon can only have one Ability at a time.

Are hidden abilities rare in Pokemon? ›

It's usually a 1/250 chance to acquire hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, so it's pretty rare! How do you get a Pokemon's hidden ability? Hidden abilities are hard to get, however you can get ability patches from Tera Raid events and playing Raid events in general.

Is Gold or Silver version better? ›

No matter which you choose, Gold or Silver, you'll get some exclusives the other doesn't. The main difference between Gold and Silver are the kinds of Pokemon you'll encounter during the event.

What is the difference between Gold and Silver johto? ›

Pokémon Go Tour: Johto, like Go Tour: Kanto, offers you the choice between two versions of the event - Gold and Silver. The version you pick decides which Pokémon will have a higher shiny rate and which creatures are exclusively attracted to incense during the event.

What is Storm silver ore used for? ›

Storm silver is resistant to corrosion, and is used in shipbuilding by both Kul Tirans and Zandalari. Kul Tiran marines and pirates use storm silver for their armor because it is light-weight enough that they can still swim while wearing the armor.

What's the difference between Silver and SoulSilver? ›

In Silver, picking a Pokemon consists of a bit of text and an image of that starter, while in SoulSilver, the experience has been enhanced with 3D models of Poke Balls (spheres that Pokemon are stored in) and displayed on the touchscreen.

Can you get Lugia in Pokemon gold? ›

Later: Players of Pokemon Gold will be able to come here and try to catch Lugia only after getting the Silver Wing in Pewter City.

Does Pokemon gold have 2 regions? ›

Similar to Pokémon Gold and Silver, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver take place in the Johto and Kanto regions of the franchise's fictional universe.

Who is the most powerful Pokémon in Johto? ›

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: 10 Best Pokemon From Johto
  1. 1 Donphan. Donphan is one of the best pure ground-type Pokemon ever introduced and has very few weaknesses as a result.
  2. 2 Blissey. ...
  3. 3 Houndoom. ...
  4. 4 Espeon. ...
  5. 5 Umbreon. ...
  6. 6 Tyranitar. ...
  7. 7 Misdreavus. ...
  8. 8 Scizor. ...
Nov 18, 2022

Is Johto better than Kanto? ›

While all the Kanto Pokémon are iconic and great, Johto's legendaries are far superior. The lore behind Ho-oh and the Legendary Beasts is so well-written that it holds up to this day, two decades later.

Did Pokémon Gold or Silver sell more? ›

As of April 2000, roughly 6.5 million copies of the games had been sold in Japan. Silver proved to be the slightly more popular version, edging out Gold by approximately 100,000 copies. In the United States, the game generated 1 million pre-sales about three weeks before release.

What weapon should I mine silver ore or rising? ›

You'll need Merciless Iron tools to mine Silver Ore.

Maces are best because of their increased damage against minerals. To get Merciless Iron tools, you'll need to obtain research books from higher-tier enemies in the Dunley Farmlands, and trade them in at your Study to unlock the Merciless Iron recipes.

How do you get unsanctified storm silver ore? ›

These are mined from Storm Silver Ore nodes, in addition to the regular, non-quest version of the ore. I believe it's a chance for each node, not 100%. They can be obtained from rich, normal and seam nodes. They can also drop more than one at a time.

How do you smelt unsanctified storm silver ore? ›

1) Mine Storm silver ore - The Unsanctified ore is a drop from this 2) when you have 20 take them to the forge in the pit in the middle of Tradewind Market in Boralus. Use the forge to smelt the ingots. Takes only one go to do all 20.

Is Ho-Oh better than Lugia? ›

Lugia is more of a defensive juggernaut. Ho-Oh has more of an attacking prowess when comparing the two. In terms of popularity, both are pretty even, with high profile appearances across games, the anime series, and the movies. In terms of battling, however, Lugia may be the better option.

Is Silver evil Pokemon? ›

While most other rivals are generally good-natured, or at least zestful enough to crack a joke at the player, Silver is (at first) cruel, hateful, power-obsessed, and even physically abusive, pushing the player character around several times.

Is silver a boy or girl Pokemon? ›

Silver (Adventures)
Silver シルバー Silver
Silver in the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter
Age16-17 (as of the thirteenth chapter)
BirthdayDecember 24
8 more rows


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